Information about Crypto-Currency

A Crypto-Currency is a digital medium of exchange. Crypto-Currency are at a bottom specifications regarding the use of currency which seek to incorporate principles of cryptography to implement a distributed, decentralized and secure information economy. The first Crypto-Currency to begin trading was Bitcoin in 2009, and since then numerous Crypto-Currencies have become available.

Also, unlike Fiat money, no group or individual miners may accelerate, stunt or in any other was significantly abuse the production of money, instead only a certain amount of Crypto-Currency is produced by the entire Crypto-Currency system collectively, at a rate which is bounded by a value both prior defined and publicly known.

Within Crypto-Currency systems, the safety, integrity, and balance of all ledgers is ensured by a swarm of mutually distrustful parties, referred to as miners, who are, for the most part, general members of the public, actively protecting the network by maintaining a high hash-rate difficulty for their chance at receiving a randomly distributed small fee.

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Safeness of Crypto-Currencies

Averting the underlying security of a Crypto-Currency is mathematically possible, but the cost may be unfeasibly high.

Using Bitcoin as an example, an attacker would need computational power greater than that controlled by the entire swarm of miners in order to even have ½ (number authentication rounds for this Crypto-Currency) -1) of a chance, which means directly circumventing Bitcoin's security may be a task well beyond even a technology company the size of Google. Simply said, it is safer than Cash.

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